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(Starburst Alliums)
Steel daisy sculptures garden art
Hand forged steel flower pod sculpture
steel african daisy sculpture by Iron Vein designer makers
Osteospermum whirligig sculpture
Steel Onion sculpture garden art by designer makers Iron Vein
Pierced framing sculpture by Iron Vein designer makers Hand forged steel Agave sculpture by
Poppy and bud sculpture
Galvanized Windswept tree wall hanging
Large Allium set
Three hand forged steel flowers garden art by
Scallion sculpture by Iron Vein designer makers Dahlia thumbnail seed head sculpture by Iron Vein Arching cat sculpture by Iron Vein thumb Tall cactus sculptures Honey Lily thumbnail
Wheat montage thumbnail
Sprouting Bulb sculpture
Ball and spiral sculpture by Iron Vein
birdtable sculpture by Iron Vein designer makers
Ovate framing sculpture by Iron Vein designer makers
Steel plant and stand
Watcher Totem by Iron Vein designer makers
Hand forged swan sculpture by Iron Vein designer makers
Sundial base
Menhir sculpture by Iron Vein designer makers
Chinese Dragons
Lotus sculpture group
Birds Sculpture
Round steel galvanised cacti








Welcome to the Iron Vein website, the unique resource for interior and garden art, and outdoor garden sculpture.

Iron Vein Steel Sculpture is the result of the collaboration between designer makers Victoria Govan and Richard Warner.
After graduating from Dartington College of the Arts in 1994 they set up their workshop near Welshpool in 1995.

Their point of origin was cutting and welding reclaimed steel which they felt had an intrinsic beauty and value which went beyond its mere industrial function, and had been discarded thoughtlessly at great ecological expense.
What they have since come to understand is that steel is in fact one of the most sustainable materials it is possible to use, and they have developed their practice and grown their technical skill set to include traditional blacksmithing at one extreme, and state-of-the-art computer programming, for laser and water cut design work, at the other.

They create beautiful sculptural work for inside and out; stylish and contemporary, but simplistic and thoughtful.
Pieces exclusively for exterior siting are hot dip zinc galvanised to make them impermeable to the weather. The zinc chemically reacts with the steel to create a surface the elements can't penetrate.
Whatever the space you are furnishing - be it an entire landscape, the terrazzo of your latest property or the cubby hole by the fire - Iron Vein can provide you with what you want.

About their organiform garden sculptures Richard said:
“We like to create beautiful pieces that don’t need any maintenance and can instantly transform an area of garden with architectural elegance.
Plus most of the pieces can easily be moved around the garden as the season progresses and the natural flowering ebbs and flows, and they look great with foliage and as supports.”

Of course you don’t need any particular ‘type’ of garden for this kind of sculpture: they can be slotted into holes drilled in hard landscaping such as decking, stone or wood, or simply popped into a planter!

“Quite a few clients have opted to commission wooden plinths from us as well so they can have the sculptures indoors – and they do look fabulous if you have the space!”

Rain or shine, summer or winter, indoors or out, a piece of Iron Vein sculpture provides a beautiful and long lasting visual presence.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this site, and I hope Iron Vein can be of assistance to you.








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The name Iron Vein was chosen after many hours of thought, trying to come up with a name that refers to

the stratification of the Earth, and the mineral deposits that contain the ore which is smelted

for steel, and is also representative of the strength of arm needed to work the material.

Iron Vein produce unique contemporary interior and exterior metal work, and home and garden art, including:
Steel furniture, steel garden furniture, steel sculpture, steel garden ornaments and various objects d’art.
The furniture includes:
Benches, chairs, stools, chaise longues, swing seats, tables, balcony and bistro sets, spike tables, coffee tables, patio tables and dining tables.
The seating and table tops can be from slate, glass, toughened glass, sandblasted glass, exterior grade hardwood ply, oak or similar hardwood, softwood, or most recently recycled plastics from a number of different materials, which have very different visual finishes whilst remaining UV stable for outdoors. For indoors the list is even greater.
The sculptural forms which are inspired by nature include:
Poppy form, flower pods, cactus groups (cacti), agave of different sizes, palms, bulrushes, onion abstraction, sprouting bulb, wheat, grasses, chives, windswept trees, daisies, alliums, mushrooms and apples.

Their sculpture also includes representations of birds, dragons and dancing figures.

They make pieces which are decorative in the winter when plants have died back and beds and borders are bare, and can also be supportive to your precious, treasured and delicate plants in the summer months, when one day of typically capricious British weather can ruin a display or sadly snap a favourite bloom just before its peak.

If there is anything you have always wanted made for you from steel, or if you are just curious about how much a well crafted, enduring piece of steelwork would cost, contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

In terms of longevity, steel will not crack, warp or rot in the way that wood will. The metal can be left to weather or treated in a number of ways to make it last well into the future.


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All Designs © Iron Vein







Steel iron sculpture organic forms modern contemporary designer crafted anniversary memorial plants unique bespoke custom inspirational art

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